Reaching international fame as a blogger runs through an arduous path. Through challenges unimaginable.

As a forewarning for others who wish to try my luck, and as a staunch criticism of the Danish system, that is as close to a KGB state as you get it here today, I will entertain the international audience with some stories and deep insight into a socialist system at its worst.

It has come to total corruption. If a state haunts its philosophers, it is not a good state anymore, however you wish it were.

Denmark prides itself as one of the leading countries when it comes to human rights and protection of minorities, intellectuals and other vulnerable parts of the society. The opposite is the reality.

Let me begin with the worst.

I remember, that people used to call KGB the ultimate evil. My story will rival it. The KGB of today is called PET. The Stasi of Denmark.

When did it start? It started just after the Cartoon crisis and I joined the resistance. This is off cause an aggressive move, and off cause this will attract the attention of the KGB of the country. In Russia, KGB used to put people in camps. Not in Denmark. What they do here, is to infiltrate your family.

157199_100001686759631_927926561_qFirst I did not really realize what was going on. But slowly it dawned upon me. That my own sister was a KGB agent. She shoved the usual signs, a little too controlling, a little too enquisitorious, and well she admitted it after a few years. She admitted, that her actions had been wrong, but she was given a PH.D. as a fee for her betrayal. Now, what was her task. In the good times, it was mostly surveillance, in the bad times it was control. Today we do not speak together anymore.

Now, the KGB did not stop there.

gusseThe next target was a hilarious infiltration of my Samba, dance troupe. They put a rookie on the task, and at that time I was pretty much an expert on the methods of the KGB, having had a good education through the resistance, and starting to understand the methods.

It was hilarious. It was this young Turk, who infiltrated my group, it kind of scared me, because I was a bit scared that Turks followed me, so I contacted the Danish KGB. They did not respond in the beginning, but at the end, they admitted, that he was strange. Why? Well because he was a KGB agent .

This ruined my contact and friendship with the group, and actively gave me a huge loss to my social life.

Then I realized the plot, and just realized, that all of my friends and family had some kind of connection to the KGB. Some knowingly as my sister, some through some kind of other agency.

This kind of spooked me, and they were slowly tearing my social life to pieces. See the method? In Denmark, what you do with dissidents is not sending them away to some camp. No, you tear their life to pieces. Ruining them socially, economically and basically leaving them without any friends and family.

So, my mother passed away. She never betrayed me, and at that time, I did not have any friends left in the Capital Copenhagen. What to do?

I found my wife in another place of Denmark, where I live now.

As a farewell meal, the KGB infiltrated my last friend, and she started sending me hate mail. To tear my life apart.

My future wife however, my savior. Stayed true .With her, I have built a life, and she never betrayed me.

kasperBut, they did not give up. After moving to the other city, they started infiltrating my new family. After a while, my wife’s brother started persecuting me. Ruining my relation to my father in law, and trying to ruin my relationship with my wife. At the same time, I had a baby, and was pretty preoccupied with that. It almost tore my life apart, but love carried us through. Love is a savior, I know from personal experience.

Anyway. Through five or seven years, the KGB has tried to ruin my personal life.

There is nothing wrong with surveillance and checking things out, but a focused attempt to ruin my life, thereby shutting me up is of cause a constitutional offense.

Now, I have yelled a lot about that in Denmark for many years now, nobody cares, and that will be the next posting.

G-d bless the strong and the fair.

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