It seems to me, that we have come far in relation to mr. Trump. He is listening, if we let him.

One point I really do think we have to work together with him is economics. He has taken my ideas on production support and put it to good use.

If he does that, then there is an obvious area we can work together here.

Yes, that will give him a success, but if we support him. WE will actually share that success.

What is important however, is to understand what is going on in “Obamanomics”, the support of the production makers in the country.

The three words; made in America.

Therefor, I have added the economic policy ideas to my seminar, so that we, when I hopefully get over the US, can discuss the ideas in depth, and we can use these new good tools to turn the economy around.

G-d bless the United States of America

Link to the new version: Introduction seminar USA v2.

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