Mellem folk

When I initiated my attempt to strengthen European culture, including the US and Russia, it was in a clear understanding that the EU was in decline. 

Now ten years after this analysis has been proved right. The EU has lost all credibility and is now not a positive force in the international development. Rather, all the policies that it has made are ripening with scary consequences, especially the multicultural project has had the opposite effect than intended. 

The idea was to make a paneuropean citizenry that were not loyal to the nation states. Instead all the chaos it has brought has strengthened the nationalistic trends and created a new national identity that of the Umma, the muslim international state. 

The European national state no one seems to care about, unless they are payed. 

In this chaotic situation, what we need is not strife in-between the waning nationstates, but a strengthening where it makes sense. But not in the corrupt EU frame. But rather as a free cooperation between equal partners. We should work on rebuilding the nations in a peaceful cooperation. 

We can have free trade, but we need a positive national identity in each nation. 

At the same time, we need to start warring the Umma, the muslim nation-state that is a competitor to all the individual nation-states of Europe. 

This fight or rather the fight against IS (islamic state) is a paneuropean and democratic fight. 

When my great uncle went to the Faroe islands after millenia of subduement of the Faroe islands by Denmark, he went there with an escuse and a message of peace from the people of Denmark. 

The people of Denmark met the people of the Faroe Islands on an equal footing. 

This is democracy in practise. We call it “mellem folkelig” in Denmark. A mutual respect between equal peoples, equal folk.

The US should still be here as an ideal of a free people in a free state, but other states should be the same. Free peoples in free states. 

G-d bless the freedom of the peoples of Europe.

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