Well, there are good news regarding to the strength of the US.

First of all, hadn’t we, in the Obama era done a lot of work to turn the economy around, the US would really be in trouble right now.

But due to the reforms we did, reforms that has become a core tenant of the US economy, the US is actually in pretty good shape economically.

But there are a lot of trouble down the road. First of all, the spending. It is actually a problem, that there is so little conservatism in the spending department.

You do not get rich by spending a lot of money, you get rich by SAVING money.

The US is, essentially a Protestant country. I know, that there is a widespread respect for all creeds in the country, and that is good.

But there still has to be a base upon which a country or nation is based.

That is hard work, and not spending too much.

Let me be blunt, overspending is not good for the country. Putting money aside for a rainy day, is however a good strategy.

When Norway had its first oil spree, that really made the country rich, it spend all the money. Then it went bankrupt.

The same is, more or less, happening to the US.

Then Norway made a fund, and put all the oil money in that fund.

So today Norway is both rich, and consolidated.

So saving money is actually most important, when you have money. Save for a rainy day.

Now the economy is getting better. So saving is now important.

But be careful about saving in an ethical way.

If saving is just about the workers and not about the administration, then people tend to be angry.

The way to save is to be fair.

G-d bless the wealth of the US, and may it prevail all the troubles it is in.

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