Jews and Christians

The Catholic Church is in a great outreach to the Jewish faith commmunity, and as a Jew, that really lightens my heart.

Knowing both the Christians and the Jews from the inside, let me be a part of this outreach in the sense of, what do we have in common.

At the base, there is this fight for good against evil. It is a thing that goes through both Christianity and Judaism. The angels, are shared between the Jewish and the Christian faith.

Then there is something, I believe, that the Christian Church has got from Judaism, that Judaism does not know, that it has given to the Christians. The softness and warmth.

Jews are so social and supportive of each other. Community is such an integral part of Jewish life. Solidarity in its basic sense of sharing and helping each other has really become a central piece of Christian identity. Church means community.

That community was, originally a standard Jewish community, where people shared, helped and supported each other.

You can see it in the story of Judas, abandoning Jesus Christ, was the highest sin, why?

Because that is a betrayal of the community.

That is a very, very Jewish thing. We are dependent on each other, because, as per usual we are the outcast and the persecuted.

This day and age however, there is a reconciliation going on, and that is good for both Jews and Christians.

G-d bless the will to find peace in between religions.

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