Being a Dane, I have a special relationship to the English. It goes back thousands of years.

I will tell you English a little story, or perhaps a few stories. The first time I really had a deeper understanding of England it was because I read the story of the founder of my philosophical line; Grundtvig. He was very interested in an English story, and he persuaded the King to send him to Cambridge to study that little story there. Remember this was around two hundred years ago, so the reality was a little different at that time.

Grundtvig enrolled in the ancient and amazing institution of England, where Newton has roamed among others. And he started studying the little story. He met a certain English lady, who taught him about freedom in the Anglo-Saxon version, and he studied on.

The story he was interested in was the story; Beowulf. I got hold of the story, and started to read it. And it dawned upon me why Grundtvig was so interested in the story. Because it started with the exclamation, it said; We the Westdanes. Grundtvig was a historic philosopher, searching for the roots of Denmark; the mythological and folkish roots. So he was interested in the English story, because it was a part of Danish story as well. The thing is, in the time of Beowulf, the English were Danes, we were the same people. That is why most of our traditions and the feeling between Denmark and England is so similar. We are not a colony, or a part of the central european mess, we are sailors and warriors like you.

Now, that is why I tried, very hard, to help you guys. It is not a superficial or political project. It is the calling from thousands of years back, when we were one that spurred me.

Now, Europe is in a knife fight. In every dark alley we are attacked, pimped, abused and held as hostages. Through a vile collaboration between the politicians, the bureaucracy and the Islamist we are abused.

When you fight down a dark ally, back to back, you bloody need your friends to watch you back. If they do not care, or have other things to do, to further their own interests, you have, as a person a problem. It is serious in that sense.

You know, there are many layers in politics. On the surface there is that organization, that will try to use you for their own ends. True, uncompromised, honest friends are hard to find, because on the top level of international politics, there are so much invested and so much to gain from having money or support form this or that person. The few true friends you really have, you have to care about, and support when you need them, or they need you. Otherwise you are quickly absorbed by the game.

Now, back to the conflict between me and Lars Hedegaard. It is not by coincidence that I was brought to that court case, and Lars Hedegaard did his best to ruin my relationship to all the other intellectuals of Denmark. It is a part of a political game. You see, Lars Hedegaard is a career intellectual. Right now it is fancy to be fighting for democracy and free speech in Denmark. So Lars Hedegaard would like to be on top, and be the honourable guard of these principles. Only problem is; he never really did defend freedom of speech, so he needs a case to make his case. He got it with me, and he used the case not only to make his fame, but, handily; to supres my role. You see, I am the real hero. It sounds stupid to say that, because, if you say it, you are probably not. But, never mind, it is difficult to see from the outside. I defended Denmark and free speech. I did it without the least gain in terms of money and career, actually I can not get a job right now. I am broke and with a new family, that is not fun.

But, never mind my whining. That is the true story behind the court case. Maybe you have the read the story about the ugly duckling by H.C. Andersen. H.C. Andersen was right, he was the ugly duckling in his time, I am the ugly duckling, to some extent, in my time.

Now. It is a problem, that I do not communicate directly with either Tommy Robinson and other leaders of Europe right now. Because the misunderstandings are to great, and we end up in these situations where things go wrong, and we misunderstand each other. It goes the same way for another leader of a certain western country. I do not get it. It is cold on the top of a huge organization, why don’t you talk to one of the few friends you actually have, on your level?

I would not abuse it, I am in the same situation as you are. And anyway, nobody would care much or, believe me either.

Call me, for heaven’s sake. Talk to me, write an email. I am you true friend, and you do not get a lot them.

G-d bless us all

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