Arc of Noah

To understand the implications of the current occurrences of the world, one has to understand nature. Why are we at war with most of the muslim world, and other parts of the world? Is it because we are racist, or they rectify old colonialist scores? On a superficial level, there is some truth to that argument. We are responsible for some of the worst atrocities in modern history. Just remember the red indian and the slaughter of their habitat and society. Or the south american persecution of the Aztecs and the Maya.

But on a deeper level, the conflicts we see today is something completely different. Let me give you an example. On the easter Island, there was once a magnificent culture. It left us awe-inspiring monuments as the giant statues buried on tons of rubble. What happened to that impressive culture? It was destroyed partly from external influence, and partly from overpopulation. After many years of steady improvement, suddenly there was not enough space. The arable lands were too few to produce enough food for the people living on the islands. What happened? War. The tribes of the islands started fighting over the arable land and the possibility to harvest from land and see. This was a war of territory. The ideological content of the war was very diverse and impressive in its idea, but beneath the warcrys and the intellectual ideas, was the simple fact, that it was all about survival. They were too many.

Now when the West populated the American continent, it was, basically the same. There were a surplus of inhabitants in Europe, and the power of the Europeans to make conquest, and we conquered America.

So what are the basic principles of this development? It is the rule of strong. The stronger part of a warring tribe will conquer the weaker part. Now, strength comes both in terms of material wealth and possibilities, and it comes in terms of intellectual strength. A rich culture can be weak in terms of intellect. This is exactly the problem of the West right now, or was untill before the Mohammad cartoons. The Mohammed cartoons, brought an initial awakening to the West. We started to arm ourselves in terms of principle and ideological prowess.

But, understanding the basic and fundamental principles of the world, is still the starting point of politics also today. What is the basic problem? It is the simple fact, that we are, rapidly being outgrown in the West, in terms of numbers in the population. The West tends to have an ageing population, the rest of world is the other way around. What will happen if you are without a job, and the ability to feed yourself? You try to get to a place where you can get a job. Now, if the development was less serious, it would not pose a problem to the West. But it is not, it is serious. Through mass immigration, often helped by the states, a huge number of immigrants have come to the West and Western Europe especially. The states are still trying, desperately to cope with the problem. Until now, the medication have been multiculti propaganda, and a heavy hand on the intellectuals who were critical to the development. Remember Theo van Gogh, Ayan Hirsi Ali, EDL, SIAD, on and on the list goes.

Well, as all more or less realize by now. Multiculturalism is not the answer. Because the sheer number of immigrants create closed communities, where they live by their own rules, and, even worse start proselytizing the Europeans, thereby creating a very dangerous situation for complete takeover of Europe.

Now, what can we do? We know that multiculturalism is not the answer, and we have a very serious problem at our hand. We have been through a good development the last few years; the polis idea has been strengthened, and people are all in rave about democracy. The West is polishing its feathers, and are ready to fight another round in the eternal competition between cultures. And we are given the initiative.

China is hard pressed, so we are in a good position.

Looking some years ahead, one thing is certain. The population will increase. It is a development that progresses exponentially. That is, is goes faster and faster. The result in very few years is quite simple to fathom; more pressure on the borders of the rich countries, and an increased conflict with the immigrants that is here already.

Going back to the example of the Easter Island, we can see, that it is not about Islam or democracy really. yes, on a superficial level, and there is no doubt we are in the right with human rights and democracy, but on the basic level it is all about survival.

The wars will increase in Europe and America as long as the population increases in the vicinity of the West.

So what can we do realistically?

We need to make plan, that will ensure our own survival. We cannot, in the short-term, relieve the entire world of their misery. They can only do that themselves, but we can start by ensuring our own survival, so that, in the long-term, we can ensure the survival of mankind and civilisation.

When there is a flood, what do you do? You build a ship.

This is the solution to the crisis we are confronted with. We start building ships. The ships are the nations. By building nations with the ability to sail in stormy weather, we can survive the floods that will hit us very soon. That is, we ensure the borders of our nations, we make sure, that the ships are not filled with Somalian pirates and marauders, and we put up well crafted cannons on the deck. We can be inspired by the Venus project as well, they have brilliant ideas on technology and care for nature.

On a ship in storm, discipline is all that matters. We need to make sure, that the shipmates on the deck will not start burning the rig. This can be done, by repatriating the marauders already here. I know, that it will cost us a lot of crying and it will be a bitter fight. But, it has to be done, to make the ship seaworthy.

We need to build arks of Noah.

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