The covenant we made with lord, was made thousands of years ago in another age, in another mindsetting. We are entering war. As Obama is deploying warriors to the Syrian civil strife, the conflict with the Iranian/Syrian/Russian (chinese) faction is stepped up.

In this rising conflict, we need to understand and remind ourselves of the covenant we made with spirit, or rather Abraham made with spirit. What was it, that we were promised, and what were the deal on our side. It is quite clear, if you understand the covenant on the mindset of the Babylonian age Abraham lived in. He is promised to be the father of all nations. If, at the other hand, he works for the absolution of the idea of a nation.

Now, what is a nation? To understand this, we need to understand the ideas that roamed in the fertile crescent at the first stage of human civilisation. A nation is, as we know from both antique semitic/egyptian sources and the antique greek sources, what we, today know as democracy. The core of democracy is human rights and that is the rule of law. Added to this is a complex system of layers of power; the king, the aristocracy and the people. Now, as in Babylon, the democratic ideal has its failures; it creates moral and ethical disintegration. This is why Abraham had a task to do; to stop the moral failing of the nations. To spread love and kindness, but also righteousness and justice.

So religion is an integrated part of the nation-state.

Now, we are the leaders G-d said. Why? because we are promised to make the leading nation. Or rather, we have strived to be in a position where this could be possible; to make the leading nation of nations. To make the perfect example of a nation-state.

This is why we were chosen, as a people, and only i we strife to fulfill this promise may we call ourselves jews with a covenant with G-d. It is basically as simple as that.

Now, this project has been going on for thousands of years, and we have come far; Christianity is an example, and perhaps Islam, if it realizes its basic roots. So we are the leaders of a huge worldspanning movement that has been in action for thousands of years.

That is, in real life, both a blessing and a problem. We have some advantages. First of all, we are a small unit, so we are much more agile, than the other. That will give us the advantage of David. On the other hand, we are also much more fragile, so that gives us the disadvantage of David.

Now. As we enter the war, we need to keep up a balance, as I see it. War works, according to Thucydides, like this: The initial stage of a war will see the fighters confront each other. There will be amazing feats of battle and heroic deeds of the warriors, but that is only the beginning. After a while, people tend to choose sides. In the Peloponnesian war, it was Sparta against Athens. In our war it will be nationals against islamic extremists. That is not nationals in the modern post nazi version, but nationals in an original Abrahamic version, where Hammurabic rule of law, and egyptian enlightenment will be the core. The jewish version, if G-d wills.

To be honest, my role will be in the center. I will be the key, but we should not dilute ourselves, we might reach the goal Abraham was given by G-d, we might also not. Maybe we will just get on some of the way, and new generations, after us, will fulfill the promise. But, the point is; we need to continue to strife after those ideals.

I have had a lot of problems in Denmark, outright persecution and vilification. This leaves me with less energy than I would wish. You all, all jews, know the feeling. Therefor, I have promised myself, that I will dedicate all my remaining time and energy to safe Israel, read the Torah, and engineer answers and ideas, and perhaps most important, inspire the jews on their quest for peace and realization of the Abrahamic covenant.

G-d bless Israel

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