Looking a bit back on the trip to Oxford, and trying to wrap up the progress I believe I have done in relation to understanding England and thereafter try to make a plan to go ahead from here, I believe that there are a few points to consider.

I have had a pretty good influence already through EDL, but somehow Tommy Robinson seems to have lost a little steam, let us hope he will be back in business when he has caught his breath. It is a hell of a job to be a hero, no one pays you, and you live like a fugitive, but that is the business of heroism these days, you need to be strong and pay whatever it costs.

Anyway. To move forward, I think it wise to find a true balance between the different perspectives. The redemption lies in, at one hand, to strengthen traditional English values, and at the other hand to fight the true enemies of England.

Again, we should be careful. Just starting fighting in a simple way, would be wrong, and put us in the same position as our enemies. We need to keep our own values as humanism and democracy.

We also have to be honest about multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is ok, as long as it does not impede the very basis of the state. You cannot, what I think is quite obvious these days, be tolerant towards evil and intolerant nihilists, who believe that pulling us all the way back to the sixth century is some kind of blessing on the human race. It is ridiculous. There are limits to multiculturalism, and it is exactly where the limits of the state is. That is the justice of the law, and the freedom of democracy.

If we look at these two things, we realize, that they are, in themselves cultural entities. It is something of our own culture here in the West we hold dear, and believe is worthwhile. You can have other ways of running things as the caliphate or the rule of the strong, but this is the way we believe things should be run.

So in relation to our states the very idea of multiculturalism breaks down.

What should we put instead, well that is pretty obvious I think, exactly that; democracy and the justice of law. These values are universal in a western style democracy, and we do not compromise on the these values. If you do not like it, well, you are very welcome to go away. We like it this way, and we do not compromise. But if you like these values, you are welcome, and you can find a place, if you can pay for yourself, and contribute positively to the common wealth.

We need a base to make where the boundaries of the state are, and what we can tolerate.

It is a bit like living in a house together, there has to be some rules in order to make the house work. No, you cannot rape my daughter on the staircase, no you cannot make you own rules in the basement, no you cannot steal my newspaper from my doormat. There are certain rules everybody has to obey in order to make the house work.

Add to this an emphasis on the traditional English culture. Not necessarily to force immigrants to have the same rules as the English, but because English culture is worth as much as any other culture. And only with an equal footing may we live in peace.

G-d bless the fair isles of the English.

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