Islam and democracy

If we then zoom in on Islam, I think we need to make a difference between Islam in a democracy, and Islam in general.

In a democracy, there are the basic rules, that all should respect; the rule of the law, and the rule of free speech, and hence free debate as the underpinning of the democratic lawgiving.

So, in consequence Islamists, that is is Muslims who do not respect democracy in a democracy are enemies. Muslims who do respect democracy are absolutely welcome, and should be given all the respect due as citizens.

If we look a the Middle East however, we cannot demand democracy from Muslims there, we can hope they will accept it, but we cannot demand it.

In the Middle East, we also have the peace project, that is beyond the democratic conflicts we have in Europe. Here it is about the peace Inbetween religion. This project is beyond politics, and has to do with a spiritual quest in the interest of G-d.

G-d bless all who strive for peace.

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    Interesujący materiał. Dziękuje za to Państwu! Zachęcam innych do zapoznania się z treścią artykułu. Mam pytaniedo Ciebie. Czekam na kontakt.

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