I am a jew

I have a feeling, that many Jews are genuinly worried, that I am not truly a Jew, that I am only a soul Jew or whatever you call it. Come on, would I have defended Israel and all the Jews here in Europe, if it had not been for my Jewish history?

I will tell you where it comes from. My great grandmother on my mothers side was a refugee in Denmark, she was ferried over the small strait of Oeresund in the wake of all the Jewish persecutions in 1943. She was fleeing because she had helped Jews out of Germany, and was very vocal in the defence of Jews here in Denmark.

Her daughter Rigmor was her favourite daughter, and Rigmors daughter Sigrid, my mother was the favourite daughter of Rigmor. So the defence of Jews went from daughter to daughter in three or four generations.

This is why I care about Jews and Israel. Whenever I meet Jews who want to have some money from me, because of this or that, who are arrogant, because of this of and that. This image of my grandmother fleeing the Nazi persecution stands in my mind.

You are my family, and it has nothing to do with politics or ambition on my side. I simply chose to stand and support the Jews, because this is what my grandmother, and great grandmother did in the same situation.

I have this ability, that to scientific inquiry is hard to falsify. But I can always feel what people feel. Especially when it is some feeling they have of me. A kind of a sixth sense in a way. I use it very much in politics to get an indication of the impact I have when I write something. I have noticed, that all Jews have this sixth sense. It manifests itself in the ongoing feuds Jews have with enemies of the Jewish people or Israel. Jews generally are a very intuitive people. We use our sense of people around us to navigate.

So when Jews look at me, and have a feeling of me, they use this sixth sense, and can feel when I am annoyed with some Jews. As when David of the Kabbalists repeatedly forgot our appoinments and the Kabbalists started charging me a lot of money without a me buying something. This annoys me, it is not respectful. But this does not mean I do not support Israel, it is much deeper in me, it is me. Israel is as much in me as in any other Jew.

But you have to treat me with respect and friendship, support me as you would any other Jew. I do not ask for anything really, I just wish Israel could be strong and protect Jews, and we, as Jews in the Middle East, could foster and support the peace process. After all, this was the idea of rav Ashlag, and should be our guiding star.

But if you wish to strengthen the bonds, do as the Brits; invite me. Make a tour of the cave of the Patriarcs, the temple mount, the Knesset, and say hello to me. I am a warm and honest person, and I know you would understand me the minute you see me, as a true Jew, true to the ideals of judaism, and true to the protection of Israel.

G-d bless Israel, and happy Hanuka (and merry Christmas to everybody else) 🙂

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