Family in America

We are entering the last two years of the presidency of mr. Barack Obama. I believe the greatest part of the first part of the tenure was the rebounding of the economy. It has been done mainly by reducing the cost of the military, while exerting influence through diplomacy. If and hopefully we wil conclude this, the Iran deal materializes, this approach has served two functions; one to regain footing economically after the two expensive wars by mr. George Bush, secondly to truly make a better impression of American power through soft power. This works, today America is much more positively looked upon than before. Thanks to mr. Obamas handling of politics.

Add to this a pro American production policy, where patriotic companies are rewarded, the US has just had a comeback as a world power. It was in decline, but mr. Barack Obama just saved the US, as promised.

So now there is time for some internal community building, and building bridges. I have an idea, that I have discussed a little with a wise scholar that I met at Oxford. He is a republican, but one that leans to the middle. He is a man of the church, and a descendant of Danes. I like him, and he likes me. So we have been discussing the pro and cons, and I introduced my idea of helping and supporting the family as a good project. We both agreed, that in order to bridge the aile, we need some positive project that both sides support. After all the violence in Ferguson, and all the negative impact this has on the peace of mind of Americans, perhaps it was time to work on something that brought people together instead of making people come away.

Now, looking at the process of the catholic church that has been through the same proces, I think it is of a vital importance not to focus too much on the gay rights issue. I like gays, they are often a persecuted minority in society, but the issue raises too much animosity between left and right, and what we need to work on now, is something we all agree about. So what about making it just better to be a family in the US? Doing all the small things that makes is eaiser to make ends meet? Looking at housing, so that a family can afford a small house, strengthening the local community, so that the families have somewhere to go in times of need. Looking at the children and pull a few strings to make them having a better school or a better opportunity to do work for the local elderly. Make possible for the grandparents to help their grandsons and granddaughter. Make room for love in the close connection between man, woman, child, grandparent, sibling, cousin, aunt.

This will not only strengthen the families, but also, in the long run, strenghten America as a community itself, not to mention perhaps healing some of the rifts that has come inbetween the Republicans and the Catholic church.

G-d bless America and may he find peace.

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