The European Union has come to halt in the negotiations in Israel. The EU has one big problem; lack of skill.

The EU has not really understood the complexity of the situation, and is therefore running into one defeat after the other. Add to this a very small amount of political capital to invest, due to the Second World War and the acts done to humanity at that incidence. It is a wounded behemoth trying to act like a graceful ballet dancer, the result is as appalling as it is ridiculous. Nobody, expect off cause of the hapless people of Europe take them serious really.

Anyway. The reason why it is so, is because of a strange disconnectedness of the Bruxelles power apparatus. They are living completely in their own world, without any real appreciation of the things on ground. The term “ivory tower” does not really cover as a definition of the situation. “Ivory castle” or “ivory bunker” would be more adequate.

Several of the most respected european intellectuals have criticized the institution, among them the respected philosopher Jurgen Habermas. But all to no avail, the sheer arrogance and self-importance is in direct opposition to the actual respect and influence it has in the world.

Basically it is falling apart slowly. And that is due to a very simple mechanism. The citizens of Europe are very critical of the project, and so critical, that the EU issue has become one of the most dominant theme in the national elections.

As a result the old guard is slowly being replaced by the new guard. We see it in France, England, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland. Basically all countries in Europe.

This will. Eventually lead to a disintegration of the system, taken apart bit by bit.

I have tried to envision new modes of organization that might be realized after the fall of the EU. These ideas are some of the motivation behind the new upcoming parties in Europe.

But we are looking at a behemoth falling in slow motion. And hopefully the fall will not be too severe.

Anyway. In Israel, we do not have to take the EU that serious. Nobody else does, so why should we.

G-d bless the peace we will win.

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