imageWhen you fight someone, you need to know when to stop again. I think my fight against the system, for now should be halted. My primary objective; to stop the torture of Rakel has been met, and I am afraid things might get out of hand. The current climate around Denmark is internationally very negative, and it could be too much.

We will see in the future if there are other paths to take, but for now we need peace.

I see the Christians, especially the Catholic Church are a bit reluctant to my fight against the system. They think it is too much.

Well, as I see it. This is exactly how Jesus Christ would have met the same challenges. When he had his fights, he fought against the Romans.

There were different parties on the Jewish side, Zealots, Pharisees and Essenes. Jesus Christ was an Essene. Most probably he had studied in a small yeshiva close to the place he lived and preached.

Essenes were the liberal of that time, but due to the awful oppression by the Romans, they were not as soft on power as liberals are today. You can see it in some of the material that is conveyed to us today, especially the Dead Sea scrolls that is the library of an Essene yeshiva, perhaps even the school Jesus studied in.

A central text I really like, is the text about the fight between the sons of light and the sons of darkness. It is a good representation of the lore that must have been the core of the Essenes ideas about life and ideology.

It cuts out the fight clearly between those who live in darkness and therefore are prone to oppress and be dishonest, and the ones who live in light, that is the honest and the true.

Now, the story can be interpreted in many ways, but as I have interpreted it, it means that you should fight with your pen. As I have done.

That is enlighten the world around you.

That is also what Jesus did, or rather he was a preacher, so he preached his ideas, he did not fight much. Except against the moneylenders in the temple.

So, to my mind, what he said was, that you should preach your ideas, and push the world in the direction of a higher ethical standard.

But, then, you should also be ready to forgive and forget. And so now, I do that. I hope that the Danish system will leave me alone, and I go on new paths away from the Danish debate.

I hope, this will give Denmark the necessary peace to change course and remove itself from the corrupt path it is on now.

G-d bless the tiny land called Denmark.

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