imageIn the Middle East, there is one thing that really believe is a huge obstacle to get over.

When the Arab world was in its greatest, it was all a flush with intellectuals and philosophers who really developed the sciences into something that made the world wonder. As in mathematics, music, poetry.

But then the dark ages came, and very little was kept anymore.

Still there are trace here and there, but the true flourishing of the 10-12 century is really behind us now. The societies are, for some reason, delving deeper and deeper into barbarism. It is an act of desperation.

Now, Egypt is moving ahead in a fine way, and there are also good signs in Persia. Not that Persians are Arab, but some of the same feeling of neglect and the want to move forward as a respected nation is also in the Persian nation.

Now, I will tell you a very interesting story that, to my mind is the key to development.

In classical Greece, there were several splendid philosophers; Anaxagoras, Plato, Socrates, Diogenes, and many more.

When Athens was at its height, during the reign of Pericles. There was this amazing philosopher called Anaxagoras. He was the one, who unequivocally proved that the sun was not a G-d, but a material object.

Now, Anaxagoras was extremely unpopular in his time, because people saw his ideas as complete heresy. They were so much out of the ordinary, that they just did not believe it.

But Anaxagoras had a friend, he was called Pericles, and he was the most illustrious leader of Athens. Imbued with spirit of the ancients, benevolent and industrious.

When Anaxagoras was thrown into jail because of his new ideas, he pulled him out. Pericles protected the person of Anaxagoras. Because he knew that his ideas were the best Athens had to deliver.

Now, Anaxagoras had a pupil called Socrates, and Socrates had a pupil called Plato. You see? The line of eminent philosophers started with that one genius protected by the leader of the city.

Now, to be such a leader, you yourself have to be a good man. You should not worry about criticism and ridicule, because you know you are good enough yourself.

The strength of a good leader is to be able to withstand criticism and actually learn from it. Because the Anaxagorases and the Socrateses are really the life blood of a nation. They criticize, but they also give new ideas as to move the nation or the republic forward.

True leadership is benevolence and mercy. Plus something else; magnanimity. The ability to reign with a pure heart, and give room for change.

G-d bless the will to see how the world is, and move forward according to the best ideas.

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