​To understand what is happening with the EU right now, one has to understand the reason to the problems. 

This is not to point fingers, but simply to try and analyze the problems. 

When Dion, the supporter of the Syracusan aristocracy and friend of Plato was exiled from Syracuse in 500 BC, he tried to retake Syracuse. (A small greek state of classic times).

At the time this was seen as impossible, because the Syracusean army was very, very strong. Syracuse was a tyranny. 

But he went to Syracuse anyway with almost no help, and managed to turn around the military, the aristocracy and win over the tyranny. 

What is the learning from that example, well as Cornelius Nepos, the author of the historical treatise I am writing comments; no state can survive without the love of the people. 

This is where the problems of the EU really hits the mark. 

It is reviled by the people, and rightly so. The EU has time and again gone in the opposite direction of what the people want, and is suffering for that tyrannical behavior. 

This is a solid learning all politicians in Europe should take to heart. The political elite needs the love of the people to rule. Without it, the only other way is tyranny. I think it would be wise to really consider the ethical question that confronts all politicians of Europe. Would they continue down the path of tyranny, or, as Dion, consider the virtue and benefit of the people as their interest.

Democracy is a messy thing. Sometimes you do not get what you want. But it is much better than tyranny, because it is balanced. The different interest has a peaceful way to calibrate. 

In the US the elite is lectured by the people. That is good, in the sense, that we should truly listen to what they say, instead of, arrogantly, assume that we are right. 

The combined intellect of the people is always supreme to that of a few elitist aristocrats, whatever they may be. 

At the end of the day, politics is about being humble to the opinions that is around us, and act on them. Serve the people, not the other way around. 

G-d bless the will to be honest and strong in the face of any tyrannical development.

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