The strong words

Europe is changing whether we want it or not, war is coming. It is already here. Not realizing this, is like the Second World War, just delaying the inevitable.

Hitler has already blown the horn, and he is moving, with intent on Poland. As in the Second World War, what we need is not another Chamberlain, we need a Churchill. Someone who has intent is intelligent, thinks about the Empire, and has the sheer courage to meet the enemy.

This is what the Manchester attack was all about, calling the Winston Churchill out.

As Mr. Churchill said, when he made his famous speeches. We need the Anglo Saxon words. The strong, often vicious words, that are unpolished and are remnants of the old ways. The way of the olden Gods.

I will give you a lesson about that, seen from the perspective of my own school Vallekilde.

In the centre hall, is a very famous painting, depicting the lore of Grundtvig. The founder of the Højskolebevægelse in Denmark.

Here you see the mother Mary holding the baby Jesus in his arms. You see them illustrious and benign.

But behind this pair, you see the founder of the olden Gods, the gods of our ancestors. Woden or in Danish. Odin. The war father.

Vallekilde is a bit more primitive than Oxford, I admit that. But the primitivism also has its strengths. One of them a deeper link to our shared past.

What would the olden gods advise us in this situation?

Woden was the god of war and wisdom. His eight legged horse and his spear war seen on many a battle field in the old times.

But unlike Thor, he was not a god of strength, he was a god of wisdom.

This is how we should approach the oncoming fight with the islamists. Not with blind strength, but with wisdom.

We have, in our culture, a lot of strength. We are, seen from outside, according to Joseph Conrad, strong, but not that intelligent.

So, to be honest, we have made many an empire, dating up to five thousand years back. But it was not made on diplomacy, to say the least.

What we have learned however, is to control our rage.

And that is what we should do now. Control our rage, to oppose the enemy we are meeting.

We should not fight all muslims, we should not fight all who are dark skinned. We should fight ISIS.

But that we should do, with all the rage and anger that is inside us. Focus that rage, to win that battle.

Use the rage and the strength that angers gives us, to put aside our worries, and FIGHT.

We need to fight on the beaches, fight in streets, fight in the media, fight where fight is needed. And YOU Boris, you need to lead that fight as a Woden behind the mother Mary.

But you need to have free reins to tackle that fight, as that Churchillian hero you are.

G-d bless the United Kingdom.

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