-French-Revolution-DelacroixThe order of the European Union is slowly falling apart. The southern Euro countries are suffering under a fiscal policy they cannot sustain. The open borders are wrecking havoc in the Northern countries. The antinational propaganda is creating generations of citizens without any relationship to their home country or anything at all.

Well, this is all the consequence of idiocy in my eyes, if you want to create a superstate, you at least should create a proper state with a serious parliament and fair system of judges. What the machinators of the EU have focused on is the bureaucratic organizations of all the countries, making them more alike. Just because you share the same system of schools and legislation on diary products, you do not share the same values, history and dreams. The roots of the european countries are extremely deep, and you cannot change them at a whim.

Ultimately this will change, and I hope that we are ready for that change. My contribution has been to try and underpin the new change as a democratic, liberal, humanistic change plus a serious come back to the church. The next ten years will show if my plans were sound or made too late. Right now, as I can see, some countries will go through a long march of desolation and destruction to end up in a more free and fair society, based on law and on spirit. Others will cease to exist, will be carved up by the neighboring countries, or end up as IS enclaves.

Change brings both destruction and construction, hopefully this will not be too violent, but I seriously doubt it. It will be absolutely violent, old orders will be toppled and new will emerge. Like all the other revolutions we have had in Europe before.

G-d bless the will to stay humane in the face of all the slaughter and destruction.

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