Getting back on the world scene, will be a little taxing for Europe.

We have been sailing around in our own misery after the second world war, and a lot of self-pity put in as well.

It is time we suit up, get realistic about the challenges we meet, and start investing our ressources in security. Both domestic as well as international.

First of all, we need to clean up our own systems. Eastern Europe has already done this after the fall of the iron curtain, but in Western Europe, there are still numerous (ageing) KGB personnel sitting in vital positions in the state apparatus, including media, education, and culture. These traitors are now helping the islamists setting up shop.

So it is really a two pronged war that we need to face. First take all the ancient KGB agents, and the islamists.

After that we will see what is really left of the states.

But, if we succeed, and in some areas we will, then it is on to the next step, and that is playing a role in the international powerplay.

We have the ressources, but we have, mired in our own self loathing, not done anything about it.

But, first of all. Playing with Turkey, puts us on the wrong side of the conflicts in the Middle East. Turkey is one of the main sponsors of IS, and is in real trouble with the other Sunni powers, that is Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Add to this an animosity with Russia, we simply cannot put all our eggs in that basket.

I know we have bought som reprive from the refugee pressure by dealing with Turkey, but it comes at a steep price, and the refugees/migrants will just find new routes. Right now they are going through Libya instead.

We need to strengthen our borders, and start making deals with the countries they come from, so that economic migrants can be send back to their original countries, and we can put up some serious help for the true refugees.

So, invest in security, start cleaning up our states for moles, agents, and other enemies of the state. Put up borders, and start making some real deals with; Eritrea, Pakistan, Afghanistan and so on.

Probably they are unwilling, but we need to find a way. We need to move, as of now.

G-d bless the vision of peace we have to find.

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