The truth

When we fight for G-d, we must remember what G-d really is; he is love. When the result of our struggle is less love in-between the living things of mother earth, then we do not fight for G-d. It is only when the result of our actions are love, that we do good.

But then again, this is not easy, because what often seem crystal clear in its moral content, are, more often than not, the exact opposite.

Plato describes, in his famous cave allegory, the workings of truth. In the cave there are many people who pretend to shine truth, but do not. The truth is often very difficult to project to people, and most often people do not like the truth of the matter.

Redemption however lies in accepting and working for truth, even though it will cost you. This is true martyrdom; to spread truth where truth is not found, and do this in the interest of spirit.

In Europe right now, there is very little truth in anything, because we have had a long period of stale peace. The peace of the cold war came at the cost of the truth. What was paraded as truth was only lies and deception.

So to wheel the European discourse back to truth is extremely difficult, we have forty years of lies to counter.

Add to this the problem, that the European Union is almost falling, we have a situation that will most probably lead to some really nasty scenarios. The infighting between the citizens and noncitizen may just evolve into an all out civilwar. The vikings are arming themselves, and the migrants have absolutely no idea what they are facing. This could turn very very ugly.

Therefor, the political system must go on a cold turkey. That is stop the illusions of peace and tolerance with no controlling of the conflict. There has to be control, and it has to be on the right moral basis. That is of Democracy and human rights.

As long as the vikings do fight within the bounds of the state, we cannot touch them. At the same time, it is high time we face the fact that we are infiltrated from top to bottom, and do something about it.

We need also to support the liberal and emancipating strands within the migrant community. Women who are trying to liberate themselves, courageous freedom fighters and other people who wish the support the liberal cause.

It is just like Libya, there are many democratic forces within the muslim community. But we need to support them, wholeheartedly for them to thrive. And we need to fight the islamists wholeheartedly as well.

This is, unfortunately, the consequence of being unvigilant for a long time. We need to wheel in the conflicts that has been laying dormant, and solve them.

G-d bless the peace we are fighting for.

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