In the memory of Aleksandr Prokhorenko

56fbea79c461882f7d8b45a3While we in the West are so busy pointing fingers on mr. Putin, I believe that we are overlooking some of the amazing things this great country is doing. I know, that we are in a conflict with Russia in Ukraine, but I also think, that we have not understood the true restraint that mr. Putin has showed. He could have bulldozed his way in, instead he has sought to support covertly. This in an area where Russian interest are very much on the line.

While we focus on Ukraine, we do not see some of the astounding successes he has made in Syria, the liberation of Palmyra, the relief of Assad, that is a long life supporter of Iran, but is a democratically turned westerner in many ways.

What really gets me, is when we do not recognise the true heroism of Russian men at arms. As when Aleksandr Prokhorenko called in air support, ON HIMSELF! That must have taken some real guts. Instead of getting caught, he wheeled in an attack that not only got himself killed but a lot of the enemies as well.

We owe it to the Russians, that they are fighting good in this scenario.

I believe we have a common enemy in the islamists, that we should continue fighting.

And a way of that, is to recognise their true heroes.

G-d bless serviceman Aleksandr Prokhorenko, may he rest in peace, and may his sacrifice not be forgotten.

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