American election

So the American election is underway, and so far I have not really done anything in it. I believe, that whoever gets to be president should do it because they had it in them, not because I helped them.

I helped Barack in his second term, because we were working on something, that needed to be finished, and because we are friends, and friends help each other out, if they are in a bad spot.

Really, I believe in all the candidates, each have a lot of qualities, and I will not be the one to point fingers. There is only one thing that I really am against, I will not support a president that supports torture. That is not in anyones interest, and honestly that should be below us. Fighting smart is not torturing people, that is fighting dirty, and you do not win wars by going dirty in these open, social media times.

My agenda, is to bring peace and prosperity to the descendants of the vikings, that is my job. That does not mean, that I am not all in on race equality, or whatever you call it, being a man of North has nothing to do with your skin colour.

But apart from that, I believe it important to support family, community life, religion in a positive form and freedom of democracy.

Being a Jew, Israel holds a speciel place for me as well.

G-d bless the peace we will win, if we are stubborn enough.

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