The security of Europe

We are discussing the deteroritation of the security of Europe, that is, honestly absurd. How did it come to this?

To understand this, we have to see it in a historical light. In the cold war, the psy op laboratories of the Soviet Union cooked up some pretty nasty schemes. Being devoid of hard currency and having little ressources to work with, the Communists were forced to work with infiltration, seduction, demoralisation of enemy and so on.

They were really good at it. In fact, they ruled the world by it, using methods that really worked, but destroyed the target societies in the process. The corruption, the destruction of faith, the deteoriation of families, the destruction of patriotism was devastating for many countries.

In this situation it is the job of the national security apparatus to counter the threat.

The problem was, they never did such a thing. In fact, they looked the other way as KGB infiltrated media, cultural life, politics and so on.

A good example here in Denmark is the documentarist Jacob Holdt, who made himself a name i the seventies as a criticiser of the US. His “American Pictures” depicts the US as a racist, misogenetic, evil society. Just the angle the KGB wanted. He was sponsored by a man in a newspaper called “Information”, most probably another KGB agent.

This is against the law, but the police did nothing.

And so Denmark was infiltrated on all levels. The Socialdemocrats (the Democrats) were, most probably, infiltrated. The now leader of the UN Mogens Lykketoft being the standard bearer. This is based on the fact, that Dragsdahl, the journalist that boosted the anti american documentarist, was and is a dear friend of the UN high commissioner.

If a society that has been worked by the KGB is then confronted with another player, the islamists, who have been learning a bit of the KGB when it comes to cold war methods, then we have a problem, Houston!

As the Communists, the islamist have been trying to infiltrate the target societies. On the surface you see them as guards in the airport, as workers in the atomic plants. But behind the scene, they are artists, politicians, academics, mediapersons, and the works.

So to truly tackle the problem, we have to touch on the basis of it; the lack of muscle of the national security to tackle the infiltration.

They simply cannot do it, due of inefficiency, low intelligence, and just a general low level of professionalism.

But the worst problem really is not that they are stupid and inefficient, it is their lack of patriotism. A national security body should put their nation, and the national security at their heart. But we never hear them tuting the freedom of Denmark, or the security of the citizens. We however, repeatedly hear the tuting the good friendship they have with the enemies of the state.

So they end up persecuting the patriotic artists, and helping the enemy.

That is the truth.

To turn this situation around, you need to scrap most of the leaders of that security body, find some who are actually taking the job at hand serious. And find, if there is any, a policeman for whom national security makes sense.

G-d bless the will to find peace in this abominal mess.

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