The freedom

We have come to a place in the history of Europe, where we are at a pivotal point, as in the battles of Tours or at the battle of Vienna. We either start fighting the jihadis, or they will win. The softhearted, willy nilly, rehab thinking has to stop. I mean it, not just yesterday or the day before, a year ago we should have realised what was going on, and started acting on it.

If we play this game wisely enough though, there are possibilities. The EU will probably fall, but that is a small consequence as to the fall of all Europe into darkness, chaos and decay.

Anyway, I believe the time for appeasement is over. We need to face the fact, that we are overrun, infiltrated, in harms way and in deep, deep problems.

First of all, one thing you need to do, and you need to do it for me and my friends, you need to free us.

My friends, most of them living under the pressure of not only the islamists, but also the state are, rebels, intelligent, goodhearted, honest people of the highest integrity. This I say, and will swear on, from the bottom of my heart, at the price of my entire career. We have Helle Merete Brix, a simple, intelligent and courageous woman, who has braved through an attack, not bowing to the pressure. We have Lars Vilks, the most gifted painter of Sweden, so illustrious, intelligent and strong you would bow to his mere ideas. You have my best friend Uwe Max Jensen, whom I have supported and been supported by for seven years. Through darkness and joy, through pain and good fortune. People so morally infused, that we all bang heads from time to time.

Anyway, we are not the problem, we are the salvation of Europe. How will you ever succeed in surviving, if you do not support your heroes?

We are not talking about some neo nazi slurge, but free minded, democratic idealist with a humanistic worldview.

As of now, we are, half of us, persecuted by the state, and often not heard very much in the debate.

To counter the demoralisation, you need to put us up on pedestal. Tell our stories to the kids, acknowledge our selfless heroism, in the face of the fall of Europe.

We are your heroes, not your villains. We fight for your freedom, not your enslavement. Only if you realise this, and help us, will you win.

The days of being underground is over, we need to be mainstream.

This is not about my vanity, I life a fine live, except for the constant harassment, of the police. It is about faith in Change and Democracy that should be blasted out over the rooftops of the cities, the domes of the underground, the halls of learning.

It is time Europe should make a stand again, this time, for the right reasons, that of the freedom of Europe.

G-d bless the wisdom of our forefathers, as they fought for their freedom, we should fight for ours.

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