I have been embroiled in the danish debate, stupid as it sounds. The level is low, there is not much in the content, and the rest of the world has, more or less, passed it when it comes to renewing the international debate. The incredible push that mr. Anders Fogh made is all but over. Politics is stagnating, and nothing new comes.

So, I hope that you have had the good friendship to linger on here in Rubicon, and pass by from time to time. I will try and start it over again. A lot of my projects are losing steam, and we need to pick ip up where we left.

First of all, we need to understand, that alienating Russia at this point is both futile and extremely dangerous. Russia is the key to peace. Because China is building up its network of competition very fast, and it is weak, except from the fact, that Russia, which is extremely strong, that we saw in Syria, is protecting it.

So from a geostratetic point of view, losing Russia is to give the Chinese an upper hand, we do not need them to have.

In this area I think, mr. Obama has played things wisely trying to find a middle ground.

The great, difficult problem really is Ukraine. This festering sore is still not solved, and it creates all the consecutive pain. We still have a common goal in the Middle East, where Russian are fighting good against those bastards of the IS, but the problem of Ukraine needs to be solved.

I do not know if it is possible on this side of the presidential election, and hopefully a new president will rise to challenge and perhaps solve the problem.

It is not totally impossible, but difficult though.

This bleeds into the European theatre, that is ready to go bust. The IS is entrenched here, and might just blow up anytime. This may suck in American troops, and then we have a whole new situation. Being friends with mr. Putin is really important.

G-d bless the wisdom of the peacekeepers.

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