In the current conflict between migrants and Europeans, we have two choices, or rather, I suppose we mostly have already chosen. 

We can either chose to confront this conflict as an ethnic conflict or as a political conflict. 

In Sweden the current environment, which is absolutely devastating, the conflict will, most probably, be ethnic. As in Yugoslavia, Swedes will band together with Swedes and other ethnic groups likewise. 

There might be a religious superstructure to the migrants to chose from, that is an islamic identity and rule. But we will see. 

The effect of this development will be like Yugoslavia, some areas will end up muslim, other areas will end up Serbian or the like. 

If we, however, chose to see the conflict as a political conflict, that is a fight between democracy and islamism, the development will be qualitatively different. 

The ethnic element will still be there, because democracy is a traditional value for most Europeans, but many migrants will be given a way to find loyalty to their new countries. 

This also gives the current states an opportunity to survive. If the migrant crisis explodes into ethnic violence, the states will not survive, but new states will appear as a result of the turmoil. 

The philosophical and ideological strength that follows in the footsteps of a revolution, that is a democratic revolution, within the frames of the current system, will make the tackling of the problems much more civilised, and thereby much less violent. 

That is my plan, and has been all the time. That is why I have founded the democratic, republic wave that rides over Europe these days. Because it will be the wisest, and hopefully the least violent. But the air is pregnant with war, let us hope the war will be within some frames of civility, otherwise Europe will really end up in a bloodbath. 

G-d bless the willingness to fight for a positive system.

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