France is overrun by extremism; left-wing extremism, right-wing extremism and islamism. 

In this difficult hour, it is time to relive what France is. Is it a weak and sick old man, or is it a beautiful country with traditions of the roman era, of the men of north, the spirit of Isis; Paris. 

Now I truly believe, that it is time for the great warriors of France, the patriots, to rise and bear arms. Not to make a negative mark upon France, but to make a positive mark on France. 

Fight for something beautiful, something that will make this wonderful place live for another thousand years. 

I believe, that the patriots, should shed all the negative influence from Nazism, the Madam Blavatsky ideas, and start to look at the other side. 

At the angel of Michael, the light bringer, to bring light to France again. To see it, to understand it to relive the valiant cry of Roland. 

This is what France is, and what is at stake. 

Good things, things of value, things that will have to be used to be alive. 

But most important of all. I believe, that there is a great, great idea that must now be fought for, that we must rise up for. That idea of the Republic, that idea of Democracy, threatened by barbarism and islamism. 

Only if the great sons and daughters rise to the occasion, and shout! At the top of their lungs for France, will we see her for another day. 

G-d bless the beautiful France, and may we live to see her again. Par Isis, Paris.

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