Things are starting to move in England. As political correctness is faltering, the debate about the trouble and the failure of multiculturalism is starting. 

About time one should perhaps notice. 

Ideas that are wrong should be criticised, and new ideas should come instead. But at the end of the day, this day of mourning because of the terrible threat of violence should be used for something concrete and specific. 

That being; an open discussion on the issues. 

Not talking about something wont solve it, talking about it may just give you a tool to fix the problem. 

Now the UK will never be the same, but it can be better, in the sense, that a renewed discussion on the true cause of the terrorist attacks can give you answers. And by those answers you can fix the problems you have. 

There is still time, you can fight back. You have the means, all you need is the will. 

Find that, and you will be saved. 

G-d bless England, as you still have friends, and all hope is not lost yet.

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