Both the US and Israel does not have much respect for the European powers.

We deserve that, by being complacent, and believing that we did not have to do anything to keep our power, we have become old, slow and static.

That is not what we are, we are vibrant, we have the best thinkers, the best universities, the most illustrious militaries.

So, essentially this is the time we need to ask ourselves, do we wish to be someone elses toys to push around, or do we take responsibility into our own hands.

The issue right now is the Iran deal. We cannot save it alone, we need Russia and China as well.

It is no secret, that I have been fighting to put China on the agenda in the US, simply because China is a massive threat to US power. It is not a threat to Denmark or Europe in general, but to the US.

A shift of allegiance is not my cup of tea, and so far, I will not do that. But keep pushing the China agenda.

But if the US keeps pushing my country into the corner of the ring, I will fight.

So, we CAN turn our attention to the East. Right now, that makes the most sense, but I think, due to the historic and personal connections we have to the US, that we should not make that shift now.

But it is a sound possibility.

Do not shove us around, you will regret it.

G-d bless the will to take our fate in our own hands.

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