The new Europe

In Europe, we are used to be unchallenged to our domain of power. That is intellectual prominence, military dominance and level of organization.

That has changed dramatically in the last 60 years. As we have been licking our wound after the second world war, the rest of the world has developed at a rate that we have not seen before.

This creates a situation, where old habits have to die.

Let me give you an example, that really made things clear to me.

Egypt, that is classical Egypt, was unchallenged in power in the first two thousand years of its existence. There was virtually no competition, because the surrounding powers never had the brawn and power to subdue the country of light.

So Egypt could change without too much interference from outside. It changed from Old kingdom to New kingdom, making changes along the way.

The old system went down, because it could not sustain itself, and a new line of kings (pharaohs) took power, making vast changes and modernizations.

But when the Greek grew in power, the Egyptians could see, that the time for upheavals and total destruction of the Egyptian state was not possible anymore.

So they send a pharaoh to teach Alexander the Great, because they could see, that he would be the one to spread Greek dominance in the Mediterranean.

What happened, was, that the area was consolidated into a centreal power.

Today in Europe, and in the world at large, there are several states that vie for the role of Alexander the great, the difference is just, that the known world is not the Mediterranean, but the world as such.

Perhaps China and Russia is fighting for a multipolar world. Thing is, we already have a multipolar world. What is in the cards, is not a shift from unipolar to multipolar, but from multipolar to unipolar.

If the development of power follows the pattern is has followed, the ones who win the latest contest of power, may just end up being the leader of the world.

In this situation, revolution and destruction of Europe, general upheaval is bad.

We need the restructuring of Europe to be according to a plan. Something that will strengthen us, not follow the usual pattern of destruction and rebirth. Because when we destroy ourselves, some other power will seize control of our territories.

THAT is why I wanted to create a soft landing for the EU, so that the european powers, reborn in a vibrant state and fighting stance, could challenge the world on its own premises.

This seems to be coming through. Everybody in Europe are waking up, and seeing the writing on the wall.

IF we can change this dangerous development into an ordered and functioning power structure. We have a chance to regain our independence.

We have a chance right now. But we should be honest about the dangers.

Europe is the least probable to be the dominant world power due to inherent weaknesses of the system.

We are too different to make it work.

We have one thing going for us though, that is our tradition of revolution. That is vibrant, unconventional, brilliant political thinkers.

Let us use that one single advantage to survive in this new race of dominance.

G-d bless the will to be sincere and honest about these challenges.

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