Europe and the nations

The progress of the European Union has come to a halt. The integration of the social systems seems to be the breaking point. The dissolution of the Northern European wealth fare states that the electorate fear, is falsely or rightly blamed on the European Union. The tool the leaders of Europe wanted to implement to safe Europe have become the problem. At least to the public of the Europeans.

It is a matter of skill; to save Europe you need much more than integration and bureaucratic adventures. You need intelligence and strategical thinking of the highest order.

This has not been the strengths of the European Union, on the contrary.

Today the economical progress has not been turned, on the contrary, the demise has been accelerated.

There is still a possible way out, and this is what we philosophers work on; to make a path that will drag Europe out of the misery it is in. But it will not work with the current system, the construction is too opaque and the geographical borders are to haphazardly constructed to really work. The people who are in the European Union do not feel connected, and a union is not the physical bureaucratic superstructure, it is the citizens and the people who inhabit it.

So, there is really only one solution, and that is to deconstruct the European Union, and remake the process to make an architecture that will truly serve the citizens of Europe. A union to serve the people of Europe, and not the other way around.

Perhaps it will be two unions, or three, we will se what the people wants, and do what we should according to their will.

Already the new paradigm of nations have entered in the world. USA have become stronger Russia have become stronger, but the development still needs to be realized in Europe.

The difficult process however is the keeping of peace. There is a lot of bad blood in between the the different nations, and we shall see if we can keep that peace. This is really, in the context of the progress of the nations of Europe, the Ukrainian crisis is all about. Are we, as nationalists able to make peace and make a fair compromise on the conflicts over arable land? Or are we, as we always told, power hungry imperialist in disguise?

I hope we will end up in a world, where all peoples are able to life in each their nations, and keep peace with their neighbors.

This is the goal, and may we all progress along those lines, and perhaps the Ukrainians can see the ultimate goal for all the nations?

They hold this development in their hands, and hopefully they will see it as their aim not to think only about themselves, but also on all the rest of us, who will suffer, if they do not support the national rebuilding of Europe, by respecting, that all nations should live side by side in peace.

G-d bless the nations too come, if we are supported by the will of spirit and the good grace of the Ukrainian people.

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