The fleeting state of Ukraine, needs to learn how to play the game of power in order to realize its potential.

As we speak, the confrontation and the alliances are done in a manner that will not lead to progress but rather just to more conflict.

Look at it this way; the world is a great power house where great powers rise and fall. The rise is stopped by too much spending on military equipment, the fall is stopped by reducing the resources used on war.

This is why most great powers are very reluctant to use their very expensive war machine, sometimes it is done, but the cost is often not in correspondence with the gain.

This is why there is a very little risk in the conflict in Ukraine, there is not an incentive for the great powers to lose the money it costs to make a war.

Therefor most players play with the minimum resources invested.

Now, to make a balance between the great powers that Ukraine has pitted against each other, it needs to play the game in a professional way.

Neither the West or the East wants to lose face, and both parties wants a plan that they can actually count on. Therefor reliability is extremely important. Making a deal and then breaking it, is bad for the international business, because this means that the entire process of diplomacy is nullified, and the risk of war is intensified, to the risk of all involved.

So, you need to get your resources and your people together, and make a deal.

Then you need to reach out with a proposition. I have proposed several plans, that all had the intent of remaking Ukraine into a wealthy and prosperous state, but you need to take these ideas seriously, otherwise, you will just be the punchbag between the different great powers.

You need to be professional.

Then there is the matter of ideology. Mr. Putin has his ideology to offer, the US has its ideology to offer. You need to take this into consideration.

The US, and to some degree the EU are democrats. They fight for democracy. If you wish to ally yourself with the West, you need to take that path.

Russia is not a fascist, neo nazi something as everybody says. It is a huge democratic/Christian nation. This is also a path to choose.

You need to make a choice, and then you have to do as you say.

I do not wish to choose for you, but you need to do it yourself.

Talk about it, make a deal, and then enter the international scene with a serious offer.

Please, this is serious, if you do not play the game in a way that everybody else can enter seriously, you just lose the gains you have. But if you are able to meet the international community on a serious level, you can make a tremendous and worthwhile state, with the support of those you chose.

G-d bless the right choice of the right people.

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