Family ethics

r1116352_13620501The idea of the family is slowly gaining speed, both politically as well as metaphysically. We are now entering the phase where we discuss the practical implementation of all the different ideas of how to strengthen a family.

There is one tool, that we can use, and is a tool often used by religion, and a tool we know works good; ethics.

Today people talk about the food, they talk about their jobs, they talk about mindfullness and meditation. At the same time, they scream and yell at each other. They do not think about anybody but themselves.

This is where ethics comes in. Because ethics is really ideas of change. Ideas of how to make a better world, working tirelessly for improving that community.

Take the value of solidarity. Solidarity is in direct contrast to selfishness. It is about sharing those difficulties as a family, sacrifising yourself for your children. Caring those babies in the middle of the night, even though you feel so endlessly tired. Nor giving up on your wife, even though she is ridicously, absurdly demanding and tired herself. Catching your child when she falls, sucking it up sometimes when things are just a mess.

That is difficult, but this is truly the demand of a father.

Then freedom. Sometimes you need to be free, your wife needs to be free, your children needs to go without your endless supervision. Sometimes your wife just needs a night off with the girls, or you really need to call your buddies and hang out in front of a superbowlgame. This is your freedom, and we need that as well. Giving each other that freedom is very important.

The ethical demands on a parent, on a child on a sibling, nephew and so on are often not discussed or taken into consideration. But this is truly where you can make change in each persons life, and in the life of the family.

Forgiving, being one of the most important values, because you need that, to stick together.

G-d bless the family.

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