Rock or Bust

To quote the old but still kicking British band AC/DC; it is rock or bust in England. If the Social democrats are elected, I sincerely believe it is all over. The country is still working, but it is only surviving barely. The long demise after the colonies were lost or started working for themselves, has all but strangled England.

This is where it is extremely important to remember that England and Great Britain is so much more than the empire. It is England. A nation of culture with roots older than most really realize. So I would not despair, if England remembers its roots, it will survive, otherwise it may wither.

But there is also an election coming up, and, though I see myself as liberal in some areas, I still support mr. Cameron, he needs to win, to give England a chance to survive, and with that all the Anglo speaking world. It is Rock or Bust. Not a time for the fainthearted, but a time for those with the warriors within, for the heroes of yon reliving their time here now. For the Marlboroughs and Churchills to get on up, and enter the fray. It is now or never.

There are three areas I would point to, that could sway the electorate in the direction of mr. Cameron.

First of all, a traditional area of conservative politics; security.

Islamists are going rampant in a wide area around especially central and southern England. A direct policy towards this issue is the possible key to Downing street nr. 10.

People are scared, and they will vote for the person that may give them security.

To tackle this area, you however enter a hornets nest. The Socialists have on this area put up the big guns, and are gunning for all those who criticize Muslims as racists.

This is ridiculous, but politics is not about rationality always, but often just projects that seem possible, often disregarding the cost.

This gordic knot can be solved however by a simple trick, or rather a political stance that will ensure that all the possible attacks of possible racist accusations can be avoided, or are difficult to use.

Stand on a democratic platform and criticize Islam from there. Do not critizise all Muslims, just Muslims who do not respect the basic political system. That is the rule of law and the democratic assembly. They are what are called, islamists and have a huge franchise in Syria/Iraq (ISIS). They are hated by most serious people, but supported by a huge number of muslims in the UK. We have seen it by the executioner of severeal innocent Europeans who spoke with a british accent.

So they have a presence in the UK. Make that a political, vocal point, the main point of your election campaign, and you will have a good chance of winning with a serious margin. What will you do to them? Repatriate them.

Secondly, you need to touch on the traditional conservative voters. They feel a bit lost, but have had a reawakening, especially with the English philosopher Roger Scruton. In a world with a lot of insecurity, traditional values are save havens. Not to mention, that the Anglican church needs support as well.

But family values, country, flag and solidarity with the poor is a path that will give you added support. Why? Because you need to support those in need, and the Anglican Church is in need. I know there has been some controversy lately, but never mind, it seems to be ok by now.

Thirdly, there is the economy. Here you already shown good progress, despite all the problems in Europe. So tout your wins, and explain how it was done.

This is a fairly conservative/conservative set of ideas, but this is what people want, as seen in the EU election. They want more England, less globalization.

In a crisis situation that England and the rest of the UK is living through now, normally the electorate will look for the strong man. This is the background for all the new conservative hardcore groupings. Some I have had the possibility to back. But I sincerely believe, that the democratic system should solve problems not the strong man who will supplant the democratic system. A result that is most often seen in a situation as what you are living through now.

How do you tackle that threat? By being that strong man yourself. Do not back down from confrontation, but stand on the deck of the ship as a lord Nelson.

If you do this, there is a very good chance you will win, according to my experience as a strategist over many elections, among it the latest of mr. Obamas.

G-d bless England and the UK.

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