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Making a pitch against IS in Great Britain has to be seen in a broader light, and has to be viewed morally.

The fight against IS, that the American led coalition is fighting in and around Iraq is not only a problem in Syria and Iraq, it is, obviously also a problem in Europe at large, and specifically in the UK.

We have seen it quite obviously with the flow of muslims from the UK to the area of fighting in the Middle East. It is not ok, and i poses a major problem for the security in Europe.

The knowledge and the potential the skill the islamists bring back to Europe is extremely dangerous.

We need to realize this, and act accordingly.

But, it is also a political process, if we cannot name our enemy, he will be pretty difficult to fight.

In the election coming up in may in the UK. As I have proposed a strategy focusing on the fight against IS, both internationally and domestically could be a winning issue, that might just win the electorates to put mr. Cameron in Downing street 10.

But it has to de done very carefully, and with an eye on the potential attacks by the PC, the political correct.

First of all, here in Denmark, I am being accused of being the ultimately politically correct. I have pondered a great deal on this, in fact I see myself as an enlightener and a wielder of truth. This is not, supposedly, politically correct. But, since I am both a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian in a strange way, this adds to the eclectic span of the ideas I try to promote.

Anyway, as I see it, persons as T.S. Lawrence and his deep knowledge of the Middle East are truly the persons we should turn to in this discussion, as mr. Churchill did in fact. In other words, deep, true knowledge of the Middle East should be our guide. Not just our own immediate fears.

This leads us to the conclusion, that there are good and bad muslims, honest and dishonest muslim, and what we need to look at is the moral content of the muslim organisations we are fighting.

This is in fact a very PC way of looking at things, because the moral content is always what PC are looking at, trying to be the most aloof.

Anyway, I am not proposing a PC way of looking at the conflict we have with muslims, I just conclude, that if we look at things morally and ethically, we often never have problems with the new socialists. They actually agree!

Therefor, focusing on the ethical behaviour of IS; the slaughtering, the killing of innocents, the persecution of minorities, while as accepting the plethora of ideologies in the Middle East as something to look at individually, might just get the Conservatives an edge in the election.

In other words, instead of holding all muslims accountant for the atrocities done in Iraq, hold only IS accountable, and start working along with Egypt, Saudiarabia and Iran, as it seems fit in the great game of international politics.

This leaves the discussion; what do we actually do with the Islamists in the UK? This again is a moral discussion. We cannot just put them all in jail. But we can look at their affiliation with the democratic system we have.

If they want a caliphate, why don’t they just go to a place where they can have such an “elevated system”?

Go square in on the democratic values and system that was actually very much invented in the UK with the Magna Carta.

In this way you tout the traditional English values, and at the same time make a political front against an inhuman enemy.

There will be discussions further along the road, such as; what do we do with the silent majority? And what about ethnic Englishmen converting to islamism and so on. But these difficult discussion will have to wait, hopefully.

My experience from the campaigning I did for mr. Obama, the timing is very important. When I beat Romney, he was difficult, because he started copying my ideas. So make a thrust, quickly and decisively. If you get some momentum, use it to build up more. I will try to follow the discussion from Denmark, and help you the best I can.

But, with the tools here, you should be able to make great inroads. What is all important then is momentum. Press on if have the initiatives, never rest, just press on your advantage if you have your opponent on his heels.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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