I am a bit of a fanboy of the French Revolution. I have read numerous tomes on the issue and have had a vivid interest in Napoleon, the hero of the French Revolution. Add to this a penchant for French philosophers, I really like France.

Now France is in trouble as well, but it seems to me, that France has met the trouble in a much different way than England. I know that I touch upon dangerous ground here, because of the traditional competition between France and England. But forgive me for aiding you both, we need to put our differences aside and make progress, all of us.

Now, it is difficult for me to really understand how and with what I inspire France, but I think I am beginning to understand.

You see, one of the favorite stories of the French Revolution I like, is the story of the French gendarmes. They were the true believers of the the first French republique. They were the fighters of freedom of that time. The ragged and hungry fighters were the true idealists of democracy.

My point is, the momentum. The French have this story of creating a momentum of ideology. You know the cry of; Avant les bleus! Is more than just a cry of combat, it is a political cry as well.

France has this ability to renew itself from bottom and up, Frenchmen really change the entire state, and as a consequence change the world.

The pure idealism and the level of thinking has inspired the entire world before. And this is happening again.

All the ideas I have of a democratic, religion, mythological anti Islamist ideology. Has been sucked up by France as a thirsty man waiting for wine.

The thirst is boundless, and after the thirst has been satisfied. The glorious gendarmes of France will unleash the new ideology upon the world with a force not seen since the first French Revolution. This is as I feel what is happening.

The French want to be leaders in philosophy, and they are now.

My heart leaps at the thought of what this will lead to. And all my best wishes of love and support to France in its fight to regain its former glory.

G-d bless the sixth Republic of France.

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