England is in deeeeeep trouble. A lot of the Englishmen I have met either in travels or here in Denmark, are always so not digging England. They seem to have lost all hope of a good development.

Well, this is false, there is a way out for England. I know, because I know the theory and have a lot of ideas you guys can use.

But first of all, let me say welcome to Cameron. We are not acquainted, but I suppose now after the realization that Tommy and the English Defense-league, that I have been the philosophical inspiration behind, are NOT mindless bullies, but rather the vanguard of a new philosophy, we can begin the proces of saving England.

I take the liberty to call your country England, because here in Denmark, we never really realized that you had an empire, and the whole roman, British part of your history does not really make any difference to us. You are our kin, and we remember the common ancestry. That you have become so much more after we lost contact is all beautiful, but to us, you are still the long lost family.

First of all. There is one great hurdle you need to get over; the hurdle of racism. These days, all critique of immigrants are branded racist.

Some of the critical stance is racist. But much of it is not.

This is why you need to be very specific about the targets of critique you put forth.

Secondly only some immigrants are destructive for England, not all. A huge part of the immigrants are just normal citizens trying to make a living. But to make a state that is coherent, you need to have a common story. This story is the tribal story. The story England, the story of Scotland, Wales, and Nothern Ireland.

The myths of the old times, are the myths you need to give on to all who wish to be Englishmen, because how can you else create a common bond of ethics?

This is why I would recommend a true focus on Islamists. That is Muslims who do not respect the rule of law, and, often wish to implement Sharia and the Caliphate.

See the angle? You need to be VERY precise with whom you criticize. Not the Irish or the Italian. But the immigrants who either do not respect the law or wish to throw over the democratic state.

Focus on them, and your aim will be true.

G-d bless England.

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