The old city of Rome is ancient. It goes all the way back to Rom and Romulus, and behind that veil lies the Etruscans and their magnificent culture.

Now, Rome has had a bit if a comeback with the new pope. But you need to be very careful with what you do. I do not say this to be rude, but because we need the Roman church to be renewed and prosper.

The difficult thing about being a world leader is not the control of the systems or states we run, it is the BALANCE.

The balance is the choice of items of politics we present to the public. One little step aside, and the entire house of politics will fall down. This is the painful experience of Barack Obama, and it is going not quite well for the new Pope.

The first honeymoon is over, and new items of politic is presented. Now, the balance is between freedom and ethics. Or liberalism and conservatism.

Each faction has its pros and cons. The trick is to present the best items of each faction and make it your own. This has been my strategy all along. I have supported gays and fought the race battle, at the same time I have fought for the nation and for the rule of law.

See? I have taken the best of each system.

Now that balance, done in a manner where you always listen to the grassroots, will bring you victory in the international game of recognition.

This is why all the leaders of the world like to listen what I am saying, because as a matter of fact, it really works.

Now, the new Pope has leaned a bit too much to the liberal side in my mind. Immigration is tearing Europe apart. This is not to slander or ridicule immigrants, I know that they are in harms way in many places. But we need to recognize the strain some of the immigrants are putting on the different nations of Europe. It is things as uncontrolled crime, rapings and murder that rattle the citizens of Europe. In America there are the gangbangers, as Obama have said.

This makes the immigration issue no win issue in terms of politics. There are humane arguments but the situation is so uncontrolled in the most if the European peninsula, that the needs of the citizens has to be put in the front. We are talking about a serious threat of Islamic take over of several states, this is really something to be worried about.

So, here again, we need to take a balanced approach. We cannot target all immigrants, but we need to target the immigrants who are breaking the states of Europe and do something about it.

When we look upon economy. There is one illusion, as I see it, that the South Americans are subject to. With all loving respect. The curse of capitalism. This is not the problem in Europe right now. The problem is a centralized bureaucracy out of control called the European Union. Add to this a giant leap in corruption, we have a situation out of control. So the medication is enlightenment of the states. That is transparency. And a refocusing on the national states.

This will bring less corruption and a much more stable organization of the individual states of Europe.

The Vatican is in a superb position to engage in this progress either directly as in Southern Europe, or indirectly as the inspiration behind the Anglican Church and the Russian Orthodox Church.

You see? If you play your cards right, you will, once again, become the true leaders of the Christian world. You will be the vehicle behind the rennaessance of the Christian faith. At least this has been my plan all along. We need the Roman church to fight for the rebirth of G-d, and then export this rebirth to the other Christian churches. It will be a glorious and all encompassing comeback. We have come far, but you need to be focused on the ball and not loose the ultimate aim out of focus; the rebirth of G-d.

Now, some call me a false Messiah, some call me a hate monger. But listen. I KNOW there theory of the material world as well as the theory of the spiritual world, and I use this to make peace, not war.

I am just realistic with my projects, and basically I do not care if I have this or that title, what I care about is the peace and the justice of world.

I will always defend Jews, no matter the situation and the flack Jews get from media and other sources, because Jews are the people chosen by G-d to bring light upon the Nations, and I believe in this quest.

So please, focus on the love of the spiritual being and be realistic about the ups and downs of the world.

G-d bless the Roman, ancient and beautiful church of saint Peter.

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