The wealth fare states

When you hate Jews, as the Scandinavian wealth fare states have done for thirty years. It becomes a habit you cannot leave. It is as though your first choice imprisons you, and you just paddle down the narrow lane of anti semitism.

We saw it with the Marvi Marmara flotilla, we have seen it with the torture of Rakel. But it is much deeper, it motivates for illogical actions. Like defending the Palestinians, even though they have raped, and raped, and raped. Why do the Danes, and the Swedes and the Norwegian accept this situation. Because otherwise, they would not be able to hate Israel. The Palestinians are the cause or the excuse for the hatred. The wealth fare states still see the Palestinian as downtrodden heroes brought to in-humane conditions because of the Jews. The EVIL Jews.

The thing is, this is not the basic reality, and it has never been so. Not that Jews are perfect, we have temper, but we have never been in-humane and dominating. We have just wanted our own little peace of land to be free in. There is the discussion of settlers, I admit it, but that discussion does not admit outright hathred and persecution.

Now, as all other enemies of the Jews, things come to a standstill before the breakout of open hostilities. There is that small window of opportunity, where the persecutors may put down their ideas of hathred and persecution and engage in an open dialogue.

This window of opportunity is ALWAYS missed, as it happened with the Maccabees, the fight with the Edomites, the fight with the Roman Empire. Because of what? Because of arrogance of the strong.

G-d bless the might of the Jews.

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