A friend of mine was just to put to jail in Sweden. Ok I do not know him that well, but one of my close friends, is one his best friends. So we are, in a way closely connected. What was the crime of this friend? Was it to steal? No he has been living on the lowest possible income for a long time, but, according to my knowledge, has never stolen anything. Was it violence? No he has been beaten up by leftist extremist for a few times, but apart from that, nothing has been violent. He is extremely skinny, wears thick glasses and has long hair, so you would not exactly see him as the violent type. So what did he do to be put to jail in Sweden? He made little drawings so critical to the regime, that they thought it was best to try and shut him by putting him to jail. At least they did not kill him as they did Theo Van Gogh.

But why? What happened to that gorgeous country that gave us Volvo and Abba? How did they end up in a position that gave them incentive to put an artist in prison?

It is a long story, but bottom line, Sweden has reached a point of no return, as did holland with Theo Van Gogh and Denmark with the Mohammad cartoons. The artists who are supposed to test the limits of freedom reaches a limit that is set by the humanitarian elite, who believe in freedom, but not freedom for all, only freedom for those they like. Does this sound familiar? If you put any kind of tyranny behind this maxime, you will see, that it is all just a naked attempt on power grabbing and control, call it humanism, nazism, islamism, spartism, bullying or rather, as Plato lets the tyrant Critias call it; the rule of the strong.

This is it, democracy and freedom of speech, the first amendment in the American constitution, what Socrates died for is nullified because of someone grabbing the power to control.

It happens everywhere if those who defends freedom is put to sleep.

So in a way it is just another wakeup call. Freedom is under threat, the tyrants are here yet again to put the masses in chains. Let it be heard from coast to coast, from ship to ship, from Viking to Viking. That ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We as citizens in a free and open society are fed up I having the right opinions shoved down our throaths, of being bound be the craven, evil, dark Tyrants who believe that as long as no one hears about it, they can do whatever they want. ENOUGH! Of half hearted measures and careerist travellng on the back on the warriors of light. ENOUGH! of the craven intellectuals looking for the next fix or contract. Enough of slavery and oppression. This is a call to arms, to all those who love freedom and are ready to stand by the warriors of light.

G-d bless the freedom we will lose if we are not awake in this hour of danger.

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