We hear a lot about the presumption, that there is no ultimate goal to the fight against the Islamic State. Well there is; to beat the Islamic State. The way to that goal is however extremely difficult, basically because it is a very complicated work we are doing, and have been doing for a long time. Remember, this started with the attack on Twin Towers many years ago, and has been a fight ever since.

The fight includes a fight both on an ideological level, as well as a physical level.

According to the classical greek historian Thycudides, war will run in two oppositions. In the Pelleponese wars it was Sparta facing Athens. Today it is democracy/humanism against a political version of Sunni Islam.

The longer we fight, the more we strenghten our values, so in a sense both the redemption as well as the destruction lies in the fight against IS.

The IS supporters are very difficult to track down, because our own system is so bad at doing it. Remember the airport that the bombers of 9/11 used as a starting point? They had relaxed their own security system, because they wanted to be fast and efficient. The same is the case in Europe right now, we have laid down the borders, to be modern and efficient. But this measure have made Europe too vulnerable to infiltration and the worse.

So we need to do as the airport industry have been forced to; put up more security measures in Europe. Otherwise we will be too vulnerable.

G-d bless the will to persevere in the face of the fear everybody feels.

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