Now mr. Trump is criticising the strategies that mr. Obama and I have laid on foreign policy as incoherent. Well, they are not.

Then he says that we are rattled. Well, we are not. The strategy is a strategy, it cannot be rattled.

I like a good fight, and I would love to fight mr. Trump, just because he seems to be a worthy adversary. But I will not, we are friends, remember?

Denmark and the US have been standing side by side for many, many years now. Toiling, fighting even dying.

Now, and then that is abuse, as mr. Trump says.

Listen Donald, I have sacrificed my career, I do not take a single penny for the job I have done for the US. Helping you in your troubled times. I do this because in my view, that is what you do with friends. You help them if they are in trouble.

You did the same to us in the second world war, you helped us. So we owed you.

We do not abuse you, we are friends. We fight together, as one.

I know that there is an economic burden to the US in Europe. I really support the American pressure on European countries to ramp up the defence expenses. Not at least to prepare for the infight with the Islamic state in Europe. That is going to be costly in all ways.

But it is not all about money, it is actually also about using your others ressources as intelligence, strategic insight and diplomatic influence. In all these areas, I have supported mr. Obama from day one, and given him the best we had.

This is an alliance, and friendship.

We are going to keep that friendship whatever happens, because the relationship we have is deep.

G-d bless the international comradeship between Denmark and the United States of America.

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