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babylon_tower-410x289There is some discussion in the UK on the issue of a nation. Mr. Roger Scruton who blessed us with his presence here in Denmark a week ago, has the idea that you can differ between nationalism that is a vile and dangerous creed and being in connection with the nation, that is an identity.

Well first of all, a nation is simply a system of government. It comes from the Middle East and was invented in what we today know as Iraq. Invented by different semitic peoples like the Assyrians and the Jews.

Especially the Assyrians were some of the first to invent the nation. Things like the rule of law, a social state, kingship, organised religion, literacy, science and so on, was invented in Assyria.

We still have a vital connection to this first step of civilisation in what we in Christianity call the old testament, and in Judaism call the Torah. In Islam, it is written in the Koran.

Religion was designed to be a vital part of nations wellbeing. Take the story of Babylon, this story is about the downfall due to too much liberality. If there is no one language, a common belief system, the nation will turn into a tower built higher and higher, until everything breaks down.

This is a vital story that we can learn a lot from today where our nations are falling apart, and the European Union has been unable to make a common frame for all.

It is like the tower af Babylon in each individual nation, breaking down due to incoherence.

So, in the most of history a nation has been a positive thing, because it gave its citizens peace, prosperity, order, justice, freedom, spirituality and science.

So seen from a historical/philosophical angle being afraid of the nation is like being afraid of a wise architecture that man has built upon for thousands of years, lately building a new version called democracy.

But I do know where the antagonism comes from, it comes from the European Union, who has been in war with the nation as a simple equation; more power to the nations, less to the European Union.

Well, why dont you then just say so?

A nation is, when it works, and unfortunately often it does not. But when it works, it is what makes people happy and satisfied. It is what brings order and symmetry, harmony and justice.

G-d bless the central nation of Israel.

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