14369971_10211586615887934_4736527442932130279_nYou know, sometimes, you stop all the grinding and have a little look on what you are, where you come from, and where you might go.

One of those occurrences happened to me just today. It was a silly, small thing, but it kind of struck me anyway.

At prehighschool I was kind of crazy about this beautiful girl. We shared some time together, but it never really kicked off.

Sometime after my prehighschool I had this message from her, where she told me, that she had had a crush on me as well. Kind of tragic. Since then, I have often thought about her, where she might have gone to, what she had done to her life. Did she get married, had kids, and so on.

Stupid thoughts really, but the first love of your life seems to stick.

I just realised what happened to her. She went to a little beautiful island called Bornholm, where she became a professional potter. That was what we had in-between us at that time, we did a lot of pottering together.

You know, if she had, or I had had the courage to ask her that time when we were only fifteen, we would have had a completely other life. A much, much better life. But that is what it is right. You are often pushed to this side or the other by chance.

My point is, you do chose, sometimes where you wanna go, and what to do. Other times you dont.

It has been a bit of a serious relationship Denmark and the US has had over the time, since the Mohammad cartoon crisis, or rather since mr. Fogh was PM of Denmark.

Now we have a shift of presidents of the US. And we can choose to go on with our relationship, or end it.

Like any relationship.

I think my basic point is; when you find something worthwhile, dont lose it. You need to fight to keep the good things in life.

I believe that the friendship between the US and Denmark has been good for both of us. We inspire each other, fight our battles together, have our victories and losses together. Somehow we have grown over the last decade or two.

Let is hold on to that, as long as we can. Because together we are stronger, and the good relationship we have, brings out the best in each of us. That is what friendship is about.

G-d bless the friendship between the US and Denmark.

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