califatThe old US of A is tearing up in the seams. What is happening, well is it not obvious if you at it from the eyes of our enemy?

Our enemies are islamists, we fight them i the Middle East, Syria, Iraq, and in Libya and many other places.

This we do, because they are a threat to the liberal order. That is it. The new thing is; they have landed on our shores, and are now fighting, viciously and without any regard to human casualties, spreading terror wherever they are; Orlando, new York, Boston. You name it, you hate it.

This fuels an unconscious fear, also called …. terror.

So in essence, we are fighting the terror here in the US and abroad. But the terror still has hold of us. And instead of us using our tools to target the terror, the angst fuels the racewars.

So what at one point had nothing to do with race, is subtly converted into something else.

What is the cure?

We have to be open and precise about the character of the threat. It is not all muslims, and not all blacks, it is islamists. People who believe in the caliphate and fights for a sharia driven state.

This will, at one hand, give all, without regards to colour a flag to rally around, that is democracy, and at the other hand spare those democracy loving muslims.

So, scream it out, yell it at the top of the roofs, make it clear, fight it, enlighten it, show it, name it, make it bleed.

This is a fight for democracy against at vile creed, an abomination, we need to put it to ground. All, white, yellow, black in defence of out democracy.

Do that and save America for another round.

G-d bless the old US of A.

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