You know Joe, when you were really in trouble in the beginning of your election, I chose you. It wasn’t the most rational, the best choice in terms of chance to choose a candidate that would give me someone in the White House that would listen to my ideas. But it was because you are my friend. When we worked together in the Obama time, we kind of found a way together.

Now in my current situation, when I am in a bit of a trouble, you seem to have the same reaction. Ok, Asger is in trouble, he needs my support.

That is what friends do, in a difficult situation.

What I am trying to say Joe is, that you are a good friend. And that quality is something that I believe, will coin and define your presidenship.

Being a good friend is not easy, it is something you need to work on. It takes the ability to be able to prioritize your friends, even though it may not be to your own benefit. But it also gives people, who get to know you, a faith in you. They know, that you don’t just abandon them in times of need, but stay, and try to help.

A quality like that, is what the Americans need right now, because it enables you to reach across the political divides, and make people come together.

Internationally, it gives you the ability to draw people around the same table, and make people be friends as well.

Now, people needs to know, that they can trust you, and for what I gather, it is already starting to work. In the Middle East things are not so troublesome, the Europeans actually like you, and in the pacific it is the same.

Actually there is pretty much peace everywhere.

So, that is a very good start. There is still the China question looming ahead, and it will come to some kind of clash, sooner or later. Make it fast and decisive when it comes to the fight. Don’t hesitate or linger.

But be careful of the atomic Armageddon risk. Avoid that, that is truly the great scare.

So use your great diplomatic skill in the eastern pacific theatre as well as in the Middle East, and see what you can shore up in terms of support.

G-d bless the will to do good in the world.

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