Friends, we are looking at a time of division. England and Denmark are going one way, a more conservative way, and the US is going a more liberal way.

I know, there are a lot of disagreements, especially when it comes to migration.

We here in Europe are not that keen on migration, and it is a more natural process in the US. I get it, but we have to understand, that what we should base these ideas on, either the liberal as well as the conservative is a humanistic worldview.

There are problems with some migrants, but not all. There are problems with some racists, but not all.

Either side can be either racist, terrorists or liberal humanistic democrats.

The difficult issue is where to put down your perspective.

For a long time, I have been very critical towards some of the radical islamists; al queda, islamic state and so on. But this has been to make room for the humanistic development in the muslim world as well.

We are all human beings after all.

In these issues often people tend to go down in the pits, starting to yell at each other.

Can we not do that, please?

But have a sober, humanistic view on things, and try to be clear on what is up and down.

We need to be open about the problems, but also find some kind of dialogue and understanding.

I believe, that unity is created, when we share ideals, hopes and worldview. There a lot of migrants in Denmark that support a democratic state, but there also some that dont.

That is the way of the world, the gangbangers and destroyers of peoples lives. They are there, and we should approach them without attention to color.

At the same time, truly support an inclusive approach to the migrants and refugees that share our values.

It is a true balance, and it is not easy. But going in the trenches wont help anything, it will just make it worse.

G-d bless the will to LISTEN to one another.

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