Here in the West, we have decided that there is no such thing as spirit or magic. These things have been enlightened away, and we believe only what we can appraise with our senses.

What if we are wrong? What if there is such a thing as G-d or spirit. What if magic really exists, and the whole world of spiritual thought is in effect?

I truly believe, that there is such a thing as G-d, and I live in a world where there is magical creatures, spiritual entities and a life after this.

This is brought to me on a purely rational basis. I do not believe in anything I have not experienced myself. Coming from a scientific world, rationality is what I have been brought up with. I have used these tools to try and understand what we commonly know as metaphysics. That is the scientific discovery of spirituality. A science as all others, with the same demands to scientific methodology and scrutiny as any other science. In fact, I believe that metaphysics demands a higher level of scientific inquiry than humanistics, since it rests on a purely argumentative, theoretical basis. It goes from thesis to thesis through a rigorous dialogue and based on proven arguments. In fact metaphysics has more in common wit its scientific brother physics than human science.

It is the rigourous method that gives it its claim to scientific fame.

For a long time I wanted to go to Oxford to prove my theories. I did that in fact, due to the helping hand of rev. Justin Welby. But I realized, that that did not change science that much. Oxford welcomed me, and I was truly honored.

But the realm of metaphysics, is actually stronger in Denmark than in the UK, with all respect.

That is because of the Niels Bohr institute.

Due to a lot of fighting I had in Copenhagen, i missed a golden opportunity to make a cooperation with the institute I realize now in hindsight.

To truly make that bridge between metaphysics and physics, I need to talk to the amazing scientists at Niels Bohr institute. If this is the result of my recent comeback in Danish intellectuality, then that is the most important.

Because G-d is alive, and not recognizing this, will take all the will we have to do good and leave us without a mover. Without the immovable mover, as Aristotle defines G-d.

G-d bless the will to do good.

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