One of the true mysteries that I have pondered through the years is what good is. We talk about it all the time, and everybody, or most of us, wish to be good persons. 

But do we know what good is?I know, because I have finally had a revelation reading the Platonic dialogue Protagoras.

It is really quite simple, when it comes to the end. Good is G-d. 

We talk about love as being G-d, that is also true. But how can it be, that both love and good is G-d?

It is because that in the realm of G-d, the most prescient character is love. In the realm of love, we are all connected. This connection is love, so love is G-d. 

It goes further. We know that there are principles to the interconnectedness in the realm of G-d. Ways that this interconnectedness will thrive by or wither by. These principles are called ethics. Virtues we have observed either elevates the love between us, or hinders it. 

This is why we talk so much about being humble or sharing. Because these virtues are the helping principles that work with G-d. As a consequence, they are good principles. 

Love is the highest state of being we can be in, and all that leads to that state are good principles. 

It sounds easy, but in the brutal world we live in, it is not. 

Civilization is, in its essence, the organization that leads to the interconnectedness of men and women. If we have a good civilization, the peace and love will reign. If not, hate and destruction will reign. 

But as we have fought and warred each other for the right answers, the bottom line is quite easy to see and verify. 

The civilization most apt at making and supporting a living where love thrives, is good. 

G-d bless the will to do good, and understand what good is.  

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