Good choice mr. Biden

You can say a lot about mr. Biden, but one thing is certain, he makes good choices. I really and truly believe, that the choice of Kamala Harris is an informed and well balanced attempt at trying to merge the different factions of the Democratic party.

The one faction is the multicultural, Frankfurterschool marxism of Adorno and the other jewish marxists that went from Germany in flight of the Nazis.

The other faction is the neo conservative faction that I represent. That is essentially a Hegelian, marxist school that combines Marx, Hegel and off cause some of the work, that I have humbly done.

So these two factions, that fight internally in the Democratic party has become one in the choice of ms. Harris.

Now, having made a philosophical trend, does not make me arrogant. I understand and respect others point of view. I am for Change and Hope, but multiculturalism has its pros and cons.

I truly hope, that the choice of ms. Harris will propel the democratic party to a new level of development.

Dont forget the American Revolution, that is, until now, the best revolution there was. It still needs the sacrifice of the heroes to live. But at the other hand, reaching out and compromise is also important, because after all, most conflicts are simply misunderstandings. Lets put these misunderstandings behind us, and find each other again. Finding unity.

G-d bless the American Revolution and its children to march forward, to reach the promised land.

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